Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ranting in the deep

There's nothing more troubling than not being able to write when I hurriedly get to my desk, pushing aside everything marked urgent, drinking coffee like a sugar starved junkie on acid and do what? sit and stare the screen for extraterrestrial powers to take over me and stab the urge to write  No, really. I can't care less about your cute poodle dying or your friend meeting with a terrible accident or even the tragic death of Arnold Swartz, which got me half paranoid an hour back. I don't think there's anything romantic about a Writer's block. its just a self indulging term created by some narcissist to deal with his menacingly inexpressible voice in his head. A degenerated excuse at its best.

The only good thing I see while experiencing this trouble is the reinforcement of the thought that I feel passionate about something in this world. something to strife for while inhaling someboy's second hand oxygen.something to translate my frustration into without having to consult a shrink. Something to wake up to next morning, apart from a bad hangover. If I die today, my only regret would be to have not written as much as I've always wanted to. if you're still not convinced how troubling it is for me to not able to write. Well, too bad. you've only come this far and that just proves my point. 

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