Friday, August 26, 2011

Let go.

I hear a tune flow in the room.
despicable like a dying river
Burning-ember by ember
the glory of an ash-smeared moon,
Across the hall, silence galore
imprisoned by the hands of his
unsolicited testosterone
Chasing what must be left alone
Quite uncanny testosterone

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Don't pour sand in the ocean,
let the wintersun pass by
don't wave goodbye to a jet,
a passenger might cry.

The tiny heart stretches the mind
to a place it doesnt belong
High above a maple tree
singing a hopeless love song

Grief swallows time
or time swallows grief,
a book too well-bound
often, makes it hard to read

just when i begin to wonder
All that's gone wrong in the world
I am struck by the flash
of a silver, silver mirror

My bones go weak,
shivering to the winter shrill
i am struck by numbness,
i find it hard to tell

And days leap to months
while i run aimlessly alone
to catch falling stars
and give up what i own

while the night performs seduction
in her own feline ways
a poet grasps for breath
Sweating in merciless May

Tracing the unworded skyline
of his clueless mind
Before storm decays memory
of a subliminal real time