Monday, September 26, 2011

Fantasy writers can't escape reality either


  1. ^But the pain is an endurance test for all the incredible things that love does. It converts something as regular as a smile, a touch, a kiss into a sensation larger than life itself. It gives you the energy, the passion, the motivation to strive for extraordinary levels of personal excellence. It makes you want to be worth someone who is as equal and as regular as anyone else but who gets upgraded to 'special' because your heart, your imagination, your soul wills her into it. It turns a phrase as simple as 'are you thinking what I'm thinking' into a loud celebratory parade inside you. It rips you apart in order to make you experience the delusion of being unified with everything wonderful in the world. I love love.

    _ well wisher.

  2. You've felt this way for someone? the least you can do is to let it know.