Friday, September 16, 2011

Feel Good Inc

To make Alex Turner's babies after listening to Submarine's OST.
To relive my teenage years inorder to be Oliver Tate's Jordana

A very cool quote from Anurag Kashyap's 'No smoking':

“To be is to do - Socrates

To do is to be - Sartre

Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra”
― Kurt Vonnegut

To be in limbo has become a way of life these days
The dark circles on the other hand testify me as pre-mature serial killer

Cockerel has an I.Q of a washbasin,
4 minutes of conversation with her desecrate 400 cells of my brain.

The bird and bee is a very cool band, because they make glam-doll Rihana's lyrics sound surreal

Shiroshima is the coolest dog ever, I miss her.

Double espresso shots works as lethally as double malt sans the morning hangover

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