Sunday, June 1, 2014


"Go away, I can't go on living on with you. I know, this is going to hurt a lot but there is no easy way out", she says it without a hint of reluctance or guilt in her voice.

"Look, it's not like I like you too much to put up with your insanity but I don't have a choice. Do I?"

"I don't need you".

"You do!. How many times, will we go through this huh? It always ends in the same way".

"That's the problem It always ends up in the same way". She mumbles, while lighting a Dunhill Lights.

"Hey, please don't smoke again. You're damaging yourself"

"Not any more damaging than having you around".

"Alright. I wouldn't say a word on this".

"You actually heard me this time. Wow", she replies after exhaling a long wind of smoke.

"Are you trying to be funny now?"

"I am not trying to be anything".

He whistles her favourite song. It instantly has a calming effect on her.

"I really like this song".

He continues to whistle unmindfully,

She looks into the vast expanses of her porch. Feeling weightless. As if someone just lifted an elephant off her chest so she can finally breathe. For once, not under water like a swimmer struggling for air but like an ordinary person, asserting his right to oxygen and a clear mind.

She gets up and leaves the porch with him. It always ends the same way between her and the voice in her head. He couldn't have been more true.

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