Monday, May 5, 2014


You know the feeling that settles on the leaves
soon after, the rain has washed it clean.
reeking of loss, that is yet to be seen.
Glazed by purple, music and mortification.

Get out,
Turn off the T.V
Listen closely

Embrace the feeling, that comes with a purpose
and sometimes with the force of calamity.
Run or surrender, run of surrender?
The mind has married a new worry.
Drown in it, swallow it. Bathe in that feeling
Like tongue soaked in a stiff gulp of sour whiskey.
Allow it the frisky ride it has been yearning for eternity
It's killing you forever to ignore the
sordidness of the daily.
That which surges like a wave- high and low.
bellowing the rocks to crush into pieces.
and the pieces into froth.

That which cries you to sleep every night
and wakes you up with a jolt,
only to welcome fecundity.

Gather yourself, the morning bells don't ring twice
for the deaf.
Look beneath the bruised-
there is only redemption to seek in acceptance
of the gone.

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