Sunday, May 26, 2013

Krakus, the voice

I have a bone to pick up
with a grimly voice
that appears to have shacked up
one floor above
my nebula oblongata 

It refuses to budge, it refuses to leave
like a visitor habitual of
over-welcoming his stay.

Poking its sneaky nose
into my innocent pursuits
of a goodnight's sleep
or an unsolicited trip
to the rest room

Clouding my brain with its
unceremonious observations.
Slamming upon me
the most misfitted joke of the day,
expecting me to listen
what the bugger has to offer-
A shitty rejoinder on an unrelated topic
or a retort to something that was purposely forgotten.

Ranging anything from boobs
to bohemian rhapsody-
reducing my attention span
to the size of a frog's fetus.

It leaves me tired and it leaves me jaded
the voice that stings
and the voice that murders
my prospects of living 
right there, in the moment
and my ability to do things
whenever, wherever.

The worst is reserved for 
the intimate moments in bed
Just when im beginning to take off
a ride into sexual escapades
It jutts its fat ass into my mildly
inebriated brain
Like a cop harrowing a driver midnight
for not wearing a seat belt.

if only it was this easy to shame me
into stuff, i smirk
"you may save your morality for the women
you see on T.V", i quibble

The threatening, however, means nothing 
more than a plea
The voice only grows fiercely
Talking back, is not helping my 
case i realize.
Emptying bullets into my brain
is not really a choice at hand

So my plan is to write
till there is no more left to say
about Krauakus, the voice
and its nefarious ways.
And wait patiently for its arrest
in the court of justice
which would either bring upon me-
a lifetime of peace
or a lifelong term in a mental institution


  1. you may log in to my blog, and i assure you of being regular there ;-)

    Anisha Ralhan - Sep 23, 2008 (Ah Poetry)

    It's nice, really nice to see you writing while many of us have partially given up. shall follow you for updates:)