Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ipso facto

I'm tired of pretending that I've understood life. That i am thick-skinned to wrestle with it, everytime it attacks me. Sometimes through mild tooth-aches, bitter tongues and betrayals. But what i fear most now is the shallowness of my solitude which is eating me from the inside. crawling like maggots on a stale loaf of bread. stealing my little joys-of a goodnight's sleep and a tender kiss which by the way, I can't even recall because it's been so long. I sound like an HIV positive to you don't I? Stuttering about tying ribbons to strangers to feel loved and liked. No, take back your sympathy. Save it for your slurred speech, the next time you drink while I meander into the infernal abyss of my ununderstood being. Signing petitions for world-peace on world-wide web 2.O


  1. I have understood life. I am so thick-skinned, life shits itself everytime it attacks me. Sometimes through broken bones, bullet wounds and car crashes. What I love most is the shallowness of my solitude which allows me to make fun of those who dwell in deep solitude. grinning like t-rex who just killed multiple living beings. allowing me to sleep like a log, and relish deep animalistic lip-biting kisses which by the way, I remember so vividly because I just had it. I sound like chuck norris to you don't I? I hate it when those emo goths come around wanting to tie ribbons to feel loved and liked. As if sympathy is going to help them. It's only going to validate their view that there is something wrong with them. About time I go back to drinking myself to oblivion while I make fun of emos ,with my slurred speech, who think I should try and understand them. Heck, I don't understand myself. Signing petitions for nazi revival on world-wide web 2.O