Monday, August 13, 2012

Everyone meet crusty.

It's a pity how man has found cure for most of the deadly, hard to pronounce diseases but fails abominably at finding a cure to eradicate spots. Giant crater like spots that make you wish you woke up with a beard. I would've stuck to don't -ask don't- tell policy but since this happens to be my first day at work and a lot of people have asked me about it, i feel obliged to finish the whiny introduction.

i've heard distressing stories from people on being bullied on the first day of their school because of reasons beyond their comprehension. Falooda says, he was called watermelon because his face swelled up from a medicine allergy on the first day of his school. I am reminded of my professor at J school who used to scratch his head when he was in deep thought only to stumble on a giant round lump on his head. We called him the man with three balls. I feel sorry for both Falooda and the professor after walking around with a giant spot on my chin that leeked like an open wound on my first day of work.

I had resolved to not squeeze it this time around but I was sincerely bored during the two and a half hour long HR induction presentation in the first half of the day. Squeezing spots make up for an interesting past-time if you care to observe. My hand strategically placed over my chin gave the impression that I was attentively listening the buggers on how to encash my maternity leave followed by "oh ofcourse, we hope it it doesn't apply to you".

Squeezing pimples might comes across relaxing while you're at it, it's real dangers surface hours later when you discover your spots spread all over your face like algae on standing water. Like all first-days, I was to meet a new person every hour. By the end of the day I was giving out the rehearsed expression of "Hi, i am anisha. i would be nice to you if you look away and ignore my spot". Obviously, it wasn't working. In reality, i saw a dozen of faces shrink with rebuke at my giant plop of oil. they looked me with derision of having to see a mutilated body. This is it. I am going to be crusty, the tadpole in the sea of creative sharks.


  1. Actually I was called 'Pumpkinhead' are cruel. And, it wasn't even kids, it was mostly my friend Garrett. In fact, he still calls me that....