Wednesday, May 16, 2012

crash and burn

Fuscia: My brain is in a state of perpetual numbness and my stomach feels tight. I'm also having trouble remembering big words that I used to flash like laser-beams untill a year ago.

Dr. Xanadu: How long has this been going on

Fusica: 15..16 days no about a month and a half

Dr. X: Have you been eating properly?

F: Yes, the usual. 

Dr X: what about your bowl movement

F: I am not constipated. So it's all fine down there

Dr. X: Have you been drinking too much lately

F: Not excessively, once in a while i drink to feel less frustrated about my condition.

Dr. X: what about heartburn sensation?

F: if by heartburn you mean feeling like someone ran scissors into my chest, when i read beautiful prose written by known persons. yes

Dr. X: I'm afraid there's no cure

F: no cure to what? what is it that i suffer from

<after a three-minute long pause>

Dr. X: writer's block.

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