Thursday, April 14, 2011


In dark alleys, across the subway, stone-eyed men walk with a hunchback, and grey umbrellas. Humming tragedy in chorus, to fill up awkward silences building like cowebs on their dusty minds. a vermillion spider infests in the prickly gaze of their unappreciated talent, and trickles down to the feet of street urchin. mocking smiles are exchanged, as they fathom hope in glittering golden pyre. Odourless blue toes, stretch on the floor of a bottomless ozone. Pain-wretched clouds gather in mourning, passing a tear from one to another.

An elegy is composed and roses are arranged.

a prayer is recited, in two-shaded baritone

A star falls unblossomed in papercups of sand.

time smells of disease, in abysmally sinking universe.

1 comment:

  1. Scintillating circus of words !!
    Yawn ....Yawn
    Sartre , Saramago. Kafka Winterson le cezio etc etc and now You
    Love the sommersault !!!