Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black swan

The sprightly night lays itself bare,
to the husky shadows-
tiptoeing vehemently in the room.
Amidst a passing moon, singing a familiar tune.
Her snowy eyes reverberate her story,
of a young firefly-
yielding its well-grown secrets
in a golden casket, before dawn rises in his velvet jacket
Plundering innocence from her ignorance
yelping for help,
singing misery in chorus.
While she brushes off the dust
from her black satin robe
Swirling like orchids in the ocean of lust.
She looks at the mirror and cries defiantly
"oh sun be kind and gentlemanly to me
i have scars stamped allover on my body"
The night looks away in deep derisive despondency
Buckle up child, if you ever want to be mentioned in the history
Spread your darkness and light
in equal quantities.

1 comment:

  1. Fascinating magical words.
    Not cluttered by philosophical Jargons.